Wireless Premium Pipe Clamp Probe (1/4"-1 3/8")

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Powered by Rapid Rail™ Sensor Technology.

Powerful 1000′ wireless range w/no transmitter required
Needle nose to fit in tight spaces
Stabilizes in 3 seconds with +/- 1° F accuracy
1000′ wireless range
Water resistant
Communicates with Job Link App and Wireless Manifolds (SM380V/SM480V)

Job Link® System Pipe Clamp Probe – Lightening Fast and Extremely Accurate
The JL3PC pipe temperature wireless clamps feature patent pending Rapid Rail™ Sensor Technology that uses electrically conductive pipe to complete the circuit so readings stabilize in 3 seconds and are not affected by ambient air. One beep with a slow green blinking light indicates a closed circuit.  If the pipe is corroded the circuit will be open and will not read temperature.  The clamp will indicate the open loop with a double beep and rapid blinking light.  Simply clean the pipe to enable the circuit to be closed and allow fast readings with +/- 1° F accuracy.

  • LED and beep indicate accurate connection
  • Ambient air conditions do not affect measurements
  • Narrow jaw connects in tight spaces
  • Water resistant