We offer the full range of LG, Midea & Hitachi VRF systems including the new LG Multi Vi with a single chassis 73kW unit supported by Ai giving real time noise cancellation and weather compensation:

We can deliver a full cradle to grave solution which can include full design, selection reports, technical support and commissioning services. The types of systems we can supply include:

 Mini VRF Heat pump (12kW) – (1ph & 3ph)
 Mini VRF Heat recovery (15kW) – (1ph & 3ph)
 Modular systems up to 268kW
 Hidden VRF system
 Water VRF systems
 Fan coils up to 56kW
 Heat pump or Heat Recovery
 Hydro kits up to 25kW per module on High temp versions

For further information or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please call 01639 618 481