Therma V - ODU - Mid Temperature - Monobloc (1Φ) - 9.0kW - R32

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A Ready-to-Install, Plug and Play Heat Pump

Monobloc is connected by water piping only so additional refrigerant piping work not needed. It’s easy and simple solution to replace the boiler and a best solution to combine with a 3rd party water tank. Plus, it's more space-efficient because only water tank is installed inside the machine room.

Efficient Heat Pump with Quiet Operation

In average home energy use, 70% of energy cost is for home heating and hot water heating.* LG Therma V
Monobloc can provide heating and hot water for whole house year round with A+++ class energy efficiency. Even at low ambient temperatures down to -15℃, the Monobloc delivers powerful heating at 100% capacity. With low noise levels in line with government regulations, more flexible installation can be made.