Testo 830 T2 Infrared Thermometer Set

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The Testo 830-T2 infrared thermometer can be used for carrying out non-contact temperature measurements. The kit includes a cross-strip/surface temperature sensor for carrying out control measurements or for measuring materials with low degrees of emission. 

  • Laser marking
  • 12:1 optics and high resolution processor for accurate measurement results
  • Quick response surface temperature sensor with spring-mounted cross-strip
  • Precision with 0.1 °C resolution
  • Easy to use thanks to the gun-style design
  • Adjustable emissivity

The testo 830-T2 kit with infrared thermometer provides you with just the equipment you need to carry out quick and precise temperature measurements in trade and industry.

The testo 830-T2 has a 2-point laser measuring spot marking and 12:1 optics and now comes with a new processor for even more precise temperature measurements. The surface temperature sensor included in the scope of delivery is ideal for carrying out control measurements on materials with a low degree of emission.

The kit includes a testo 830-T2 infrared thermometer

For non-contact, high-precision surface temperature measurements in trade and industry:

  • Processor for high-precision readings
  • Precision 12:1 optics and measuring spot marking - including over greater distances
  • 2-point laser measuring spot marking
  • Two adjustable, user-defined thresholds
  • Visual and audible alarm alert user when thresholds are exceeded
  • Min/max values
  • Connecting port for one external temperature sensor
  • Comfortable, easy-to-use pistol grip design
  • Crisp, clear, easy-to-read display

Surface temperature sensor with spring-mounted cross-strip

  • Ideal for control measurements that are needed in addition to non-contact measurements
  • Increases the measuring range of the testo 830-T2, because it allows you to measure objects with low degrees of emission
  • Quick response time
  • Spring-mounted cross-strip - also suitable for uneven, non-planar surfaces. Measures the temperature in seconds
  • Measuring range from -60 °C to +300 °C (for shorter periods up to +500 °C)

Protective case for the infrared thermometer

  • Leather case
  • Protects meter
  • Belt clip

Delivery Scope

testo 830-T2 infrared thermometer, leather protective case, cross-strip/surface temperature sensor, batteries, workshop calibration certificate.