Testo 610 Humidty and Temperature Meter

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The handy Testo 610 Thermohygrometer asurement of temperature and humidity in indoor areas. In addition, the compact instrument can also calculate the dew point and the wet bulb temperature.

  • Easy temperature and humidity measurement 
  • Calculation of dew point and wet bulb temperaure 
  • Illuminated display
  • Capactive humidity sensor with long-term stability 

The testo 610 thermohygrometer enables fast and precise measurement of temperature and humidity in indoors areas, for example in offices warehouses, production facilities or server rooms. Furthermore, the user-friendly measuring instrument can calculate the dew point and wet bulb temperature for you. Both valves enable conclusions to be drawn about he relationship between the temperature and humidity and are important factors in terms of assesing the indoor climate. 

Relaible technology, ease of use: Testo 610 Thermohygrometer

With its built-in NTC temperature sensor, the Testo 610 thermohygrometer offers great accuracy when it comes to temperature measurement. The thermohygrometer measures humidity using its capacitive humidity sensor which is characterised by its long-term stability. The two sensors make the testo 610 a reliable and durable thermohygrometer. 

The thermohygrometer is easy to use: the current temperature and humidity valves are easily legible on the illuminated display. In addition, it can display the calculated dew point and wet bulb temperature, as well ad min./max. vaules. With its clip-on protective cap, wrist strap and belt pouch, the handy thermohygrometer can be safely stored and easily taken along to any measuring location. 

Delivery Scope 

Testo 610 thermohygrometer, protective cap, calibration protocol, belt pouches and batteries.