Mini Flowatch 2 - Silence

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Very silent - Very silent pump (20.2 dBA), suitable for an installation in any room 

IP64 protection - Protected against water splashes and dust

Quick connections - Make installation and maintenance easier. 

Clear reservior - Facilitates maintenance thanks to a quick visualisation of the reservior state. 

Brass outlet - More solid and reliable than plastic outlet. 

Flowrate max - 15l/h 
Suction head max - 2m 
Discharge head - 10m 
Electrical power - 19W 
Voltage - 220-240V -50/60Hz 
Alarm -NO-NF
Protection rating - IP64 
Thermal protection - Yes 
Operating cycle - 100% 
Power / alarm cable - 1.6m 
Dimensions (pump/reservior) - 82x24x48mm / 75x38x36mm