LG Premium Hard Wired Controller

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LG Premium Touch Screen Controller
The Premium Touch Screen Controller provides an easy to use touchscreen interface for monitoring and control of a group of indoor units serving a single zone
Standard Features:
  • 5" Backlit LCD
  • Clock
  • Screen Saver 
Basic Functions:
  • Room temperature display
  • Operation - On/Off
  • Mode - Auto/Cool/Dry/Heat/Fan Only (for AC unit)
  • Ventilation mode (for ventilator unit)
  • Occupied cooling and heating temperature setpoints
  • Unoccupied cooling and heating setback temperature setpoints
  • Fan speed - Auto/Low/Med/High/Power
  • Discharge vanes - Auto/Swing/Fixed
  • Controller lock function
  • Static pressure setting
  • Function setting for plasma filter, electric heat, humidifier, elevation grille, ventilation kit, and auxiliary heat option
  • Error code display during unit or system malfunction
  • Auto restart on power failure
Advanced Functions:
  • Time of day scheduling, 5 events per day with control of occ/unocc on/off, mode, setpoints, and fan speed
  • Two setpoint auto changeover
  • Minimum difference between setpoints (1-7F) adjustable deadband
  • Setback function
  • Time override function
  • Check energy usage display
  • Target energy consumption display
  • Time limit control
  • Hold function
  • Setpoint range lock