Predator Portable 2.0kW PTC Space Heater

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The all NEW Portable Space Heater H35 represents the new generation of heating; it's a unique device that combines PTC and Carbon Fibre simultaneously, offering better thermal performance & efficiency, without compromising its meticulous design. 

The H35 has a precises thermal sensors, so it will be able to heat in a smart way, in order to provide a uniform temperature, saving more energy than other system due to its continuous heat storage. The H35 is light and portable, making it easily, and it has four heat power. 

Protection also comes as standard, because if it is overheating or overturn, it will be stopped automatically. Easy use through its LED display, and of course, through its remote control for your maximum comfort. - 

For room from 20m2 to 30m2 max with a maximum of 2kw (2000 watts) electrical consumption

Unique device offering PTC Heat and Carbon Fiber, 

  • Super-silent, 18dB
  • Remote control
  • Practical Touch panel and LED display
  • 4  Mode options for use: ECO, Baby, Quick , Sleep
  • Timer function to 12 hours
  • Handle and wheels for an easy transport
  • Drying hanger for little clothes
  • Weight 6,9 kg / 15,21 lbs
    The large heating panels front and back allow maximum distribution of heat into the room along with the top vent this maximises its heating potential.