Flowatch Design Condensate Pump

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- Possibility to move the pump away thanks to its 1.5m cable, the pump can be moved away to reduce the noise level and facilitate installation. 

- Removable reservior, can be easily unclipped in order to clean the reservior and the float. 

- Integrated filter, the plastic integrated filter to the reservoir. It prevents big impurities to damage the pump. 

- Compact pump - Very small, pump and reservoir and easy to install. 

- Nice design - Thanks to its shape and its finishing accessories (included), the ECO FLOWATCH DESIGN offers great aestheic qualities. 

  • Flowrate max - 13.2l/h
  • Suction head max - 1.5m 
  • Discharge head - 10m 
  • Electrical power - 19W 
  • Voltage - 220-240 V -50/60Hz
  • Alarm - No Alarm 
  • Protection rating - IP20
  • Thermal protection - Yes 
  • Operation cycle - 100% 
  • Power cable 1.5m 
  • Trunking dimensions - 80 x 55 x 800m