6.0kW Light Commercial Indoor Unit

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Motion sesnor

Technology that saves you money- with a motion sensor to continuously analyze the presence of people in the room. If there is no detection after 20 mins, the setpoint is shifted by one degree; after 40mins it shifts one degree again.

4-Way swing 

Because the blades move both vertically and horizontally, the air is distributed more uniformaly, improving the level of comfort in the room. 

Compatible with the airCloud remote controller

In the app, you can turn the system on and off, turn the temperature up or down and program the system from anywhere in the world. All you need is a mobile phone, an internet connection and Wi-Fi equipment (optional) to the equipment.

Improved comfort 

With the SPX-WKT4 remote, you can choose where to measure the setting temperature (at the remote control or the return or using the average of both readings). This feature improves the level of comfort in the room. 

Flexible installation 

with a 30m pipe run between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit, this indoor unit can be installed in any part of the building. Whats more, the level difference the two can be up to 20m. 

A compact indoor unit 

This indoor unit measures only 900mm wide, so it can be installed anywhere without interfeing with other elements in the room.