5.0kW Console Indoor Unit

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Simple, stylish, and compact Midea console units fit into any interior.
The units are designed to be installed on the floor or lower wall depending on your requirements. The units have an easy-to-remove front panel which provides easy access to filters, refrigerant pipes and electrical connections.

Flexible Installation
The unit can be installed on the floor or lower wall depending on your requirements.

Turbo Mode
At the touch of a button, the unit will enter turbo mode with ultra-high speed and reach the set temperature more quickly. After running for 20minutes in turbo mode, the indoor fan will automatically return to the pre-set speed.

Anti-cold Air Function
The indoor fan speed is regulated automatically according to the evaporator temperature. This limits the fan from blowing colder air when in heating mode therefore preventing cold drafts.

Low Ambient Cooling
With built-in low ambient kit or specially designed PCB, outdoor fan speed can be changed automatically according to outdoor unit temperature, even when the temperature is down to -15°C.

Auto Restart Function
If the air conditioner turns off unexpectedly due to a power cut, it will restart automatically with the previous setting mode when the powerresumes.

Louvre Position Memory
The indoor unit will remember the louvre position at the time it was turned off. It will set the louvre to the same position when the unit is started again.