5.0kW AirHome 600 Indoor Unit

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Home AC that’s easy to use – packed with smart automation technology to make your life easier, reduce energy consumption, and enhance sleep quality. Integrated self-maintenance technology helps to improves the long-term performance of the unit. airHome is the AC for people who don’t want to think about AC.

Use the airCloud Home smartphone app to set up location awareness and temperature profiles, for example, detecting when you are on your way home and automatically adjusting the temperature ready for your arrival.

With the airCloud Home app you can also connect to your smart speaker (compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home), use weekly schedule and timer functions and see how much power has been consumed with the integrated Energy Cost Estimator.

Smart Eco detects when nobody has been in the room for 20mins or more, and gradually increases the set temperature to reduce energy consumption. If the additional Auto-off feature is set, the unit will switch off after a preset time and not resume again until manually started.

Over time dust and dirt can build up in your AC reducing the amount of air that can flow through it and making it less powerful over time.

Hitachi FrostWash technology helps to maintain the performance of your AC for years to come by freezing dust and dirt, melting it and washing it away. Our tests show that systems with FrostWash are 3X better at maintaining air flow performance than those without this technology.