3/8″ Vacuum Hose (HV1)

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Fieldpiece offers premium-grade vacuum hoses.

  • Rugged triple ring crimp to ensure long-term durability;
  • small hose fittings to ensure accessibility in small spaces;-
  • 3/8" fittings;
  • A1 and A2L compatible.

The Fieldpiece HV1 vacuum hoses have state-of-the-art long-term durability, ensuring you can always do your job easier, faster, and better.

Three reasons why you need the HV1 vacuum hoses:

  • Designed to last

With a rugged triple crimp design, Fieldpiece ensures long-term durability with the HV1 vacuum hoses. Opposed to other vacuum hoses on the market, the HV1 comes equipped with a triple ring crimp that runs in the opposite direction as the hose length, allowing for exceptional durability.

  • Made for big and small jobs

The HV1's design has small hose fittings, ensuring you can access the HVACR unit even in the smallest of spaces.

  • Compatible and versatile

The HV1 is made for all jobs because the hose is compatible to work with all common A1 and A2L refrigerants.


  • A2L Compatible
  • Rugged Full-Ring Triple Crimp
  • Working pressure 800 (Psi)
  • Burst pressure 4000 (Psi)
  • Permeation barrier (Meets SAE J2196)
  • For evacuation
  • Fittings: 3/8″x 3/8″
  • Hose Length: 5 Ft (1.5m)