3.5kW Vertu Plus Indoor Unit

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The premium Vertu Plus, with unique V-shaped design, has recently been introduced to the UK & Ireland market alongside the new BreezeleSS+ RoundFlow cassette. In addition to these two new products, the complete RAC & LCAC range of split systems has also been updated and improved for Q3/2021. Updated models include RAC consoles, LCAC compact cassettes, ceiling & floor-mounted, and ducted units as well as a full new range of outdoor condensing units.

Available from 2.5kW to 3.5kW the Vertu Plus series achieves market leading energy efficiency with a SEER of 8.6 (A+++) and SCOP of 4.6 (A++). The stylish units, with attractive mirror finish change colour depending on the mode setting; trendy mode indicators light up blue when used for cooling and orange when used for heating.

Designed to enhance user experience the Vertu Plus includes many features to improve comfort. By keeping the remote control close the ‘Follow Me’ sensitive cooling feature can measure the temperature around the user and adjusts comfort levels accordingly. An intelligent light control system with sleep function provides a more comfortable night’s sleep. The helpful ‘Louver Position Memory Function’ remembers the angle of horizontal louver and will automatically move it to the same position set previously. The units are also equipped with a handy turbo function which can boost to cool or heat a room rapidly. All Midea wall mounted units come with Wi-Fi and smart home technology as standard and the Vertu Plus is no exception, you can set the temperature from your phone, allowing you to control your environment at the touch of a button.