3.5kW Portable Air Conditioning Heat Pump

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The KYR-35/AGH is the longest standing mobile heat pump unit we have stocked, although the facia of it has changed over time the workings of it haven't changed much other than to make it more and more reliable. It is a perfect system for putting into a standard size small office or living area.  Mobile heat pump units are perfect for people who want to save on installation costs and need to have some heating in their home or office space

  • 12500 Portable Air Conditioning Unit (3.5Kw) Perfect for rooms 25Sqm 
  • Remote control with luminous night-light
  • Adjustable fan speeds for rapid cooling or minimum noise
  • A timer feature that will turn the unit on and off automatically
  • High efficiency air filters to remove odours and particles
  • The ultimate in energy saving, efficiency rating A
  • Digital display to show operational settings and temperature
  • Environmentally friendly R290a refrigerant gas
  • "Plug & Play" anywhere operation
  • Built in condensate pump and float switch - No water tank to empty