3.5kW Low Static Ducted Unit

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LG’s split air conditioning system is a comfortable and stylish cooling and heating solution that will keep you ahead of the game. LG’s split system provides highly efficient cooling and heating. LG offer a wide choice of R32 split system. LG ceiling concealed ducted is a concealed cooling and heating solution that provides optimal temperature control without affecting interior aesthetics.
Key Features 
• Invisible cooling & heating – LG Ducted air conditioner is a comfortable cooling and heating solution that does not hurt the interior aesthetics
• External Static Pressure (ESP) control – Regardless of external static pressure, optimal airflow cools every room and every corner of your house or office consistently and accurately to reach desired temperature
• Two Thermistors control – Comfortable atmosphere is ensured with dual temperatures sensors 
• Design excellence 
• High head drain pump – High head drain pump automatically drains water up to a height of 700mm of drain –head height, it provides the perfect solution for drain water 
• Minimised height & depth – New low static ducts provide ideal solution for installation in limited space
• Quiet operation – The noise level of low static ducts have been reduced, even though ESP has be increased
• Flexible Installation – Air intake can be from the bottom or from the rear, which makes the installation flexible 
• Easy Service & Maintenance – Users are not required to dissemble the whole panel for maintenance; since the panel is divided into 2 components; one for heat exchanger and the other for fan/motor. The user can easily detach and re-attach the filter in the available limited spaced 
• R32 Refrigerant – Protect the planet by reducing the impact of climate change