3.5kW Light Commercial Ducted Indoor Unit

Regular price £568.00 GBP
Static High Pressure 
The ducted has a pressure of 150 Pa so you can install it just where you want it and the user does not have to worry about enough air getting to the furthest room.

Flexible Installation 
With a 30m long pipe run between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit, this indoor unit can be installed in any part of the building. What's more, the level difference between the two can be up to 20m. 

Compatible With The airCloud For Home Remote Controller
In the app, you can turn the system on and off, turn the temperature up or down and program the system from anywhere in the world. All you need is a mobile phone, an internet connection and Wi-Fi equipment (optional) to connect to the equipment.

Compatible With Airzone
With a single ducted unit, the user can control up to 6 rooms separately thanks to Airzone motorized plenums that fit directly onto the Hitachi units. This level of compatibility means you are free to use the full range of Airzone air regulation of Airzone products.