Compact Roundflow Cassettes

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The super slim Midea BreezeleSS+ cassettes have low heights starting from just 205mm, allowing for easy installation in shallow ceilings. The new cassette allows optimum comfort to be achieved, tailored to each unique user’s preference via various modes; Air Blast, Gentle Flow and Power Breezeless mode.

BreezeleSS+ Effect
10,800 hourglass-shaped micro holes turn the airflow into thousands of tiny particles of cool air, softening the airflow to eliminate the feeling of cold draughts

360° Airflow Outlet
360° air outlet provides even airflow circulation to cool or heat every corner of a room and keep a constant temperature.

‘Follow Me’ Sensitive Cooling
Keep the remote close to you and it will measure the temperature around you and adjust comfort levels accordingly.

Fresh Air Inlet & Drain Pump
Built-in fresh air inlet creates a more comfortable environment. Optional motor available to increase the “fresh air effect”. The built-in drain pump is mounted externally for easy maintenance, it is vertically exhausted and pumps up to 1000mm.

LED Fascia Display
Built in display for easy trouble shooting and system information.

Independent vane control
The direction of each vane can be set independently via the wired controller.

Super slim design
The height of the units starts from just 205mm.

Twin Combinations
Outdoor unit sizes 36,42,48 & 55 can be installed with two indoor units for increased flexibility.

Remote Signal
Built-in ports for on/off control and fault indication

Price Includes Controller & Grill