Shirokuma Outdoor Unit

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Motion sensor
Technology that saves you money- with a motion sensor to continuously analyse the presence of people in the room. If there is no detection after 20 mins, the setpoint is shifted by one degree; after 40mins it shifts one degree again.

Constant power technology 
The constant power solution has been specially developed by HITACHI. It improves the performance of your heat pump and maintains its heating power down to an outside temperature of -15C and ensures heating down to -20C 

FrostWash technology 
The Shirokuma is designed to offer you effective air purification and throughout the year with its exclusive and innovative functionally: Frostwash. Automatically and regularly cleans the heat exchanger to emit pure, clean air.

4-Way swing 
Because the blades move both vertically and horizontally, the air is distributed more uniformly, improving the level of comfort in the room.

Double fan blade 
For a pleasant and improved air flow in the living room, the Shriokuma unit is equipped with a double fan blade. This double blade discreetly ensures a comfortable flow of  air, avoiding the unpleasants of a "swinging fan"

Ultra performance filtration 
STAINLESS prefilters and Active Carbon filters as standard. The active carbon filter with silver ions (known for their antibacterial properties) acts by adsorption. This retains certain gas molecules or suspended particles on surface of the filter. The air that comes out of the filter is then free of odours and pollutants.

Low noise level
The Shirokuma Indoor units were designed to work at low noise levels from 20dB(A), to keep them completely discreet.

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