110v Digital Recovery Machine

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MR45 - Digital Refrigerant Recovery Machine

  • Wide operating voltage (95 to 130 VAC) 
  • Minimizes liquid slugging and maximizies vapor recovery
  • Easy access ports 
  • Lightweight 
  • A2L Compatible 
  • 3 selectable auto-stop levels 

The MR45 is the first recovery machine with a smart variable speed DC motor that accelerates during vapour recovery. It has an oversize compressor that allows you to pump refrigerant more easily and quietly than ever before. Connect your hoses without lifting the pump off the ground. View status messages and pressures directly on the large backlit display. 

Its lightweight size allows you to eaisly transport the machine to and from the job site. Turn the single rubberised control valve to route refrigerant through the MR45, and use the self-purge function to pump the last traces of refrigerant into the recovery cylinder instead of leaving it in the machine or releasing it into the enviroment. Class A2L compatibility for a wide range of jobs. To avoid contaminating recovered refrigerant, MR45 automatically stops at 0psi/bar by default.