10.5kW Ceiling and Floor Outdoor Unit

Regular price £1,077.44 GBP

This stylish range of Midea units can be installed either horizontally
on the ceiling or vertically against the wall. Perfect for spaces which
do not have suspended ceilings the units feature ‘3D air flow’, which
supplies an even and comfortable airflow.

Fresh Air Inlet

Built in fresh air inlet creates a more comfortable environment.
Optional motor available to increase the “fresh air” effect.

3D Air Flow
The unit has auto horizontal and vertical swing function which supplies an even
and comfortable airflow throughout the room.

Vertical or Horizontal Installation
The unit can be installed vertically or horizontally depending on your requirements
and can even be installed in the corner of narrow ceilings.

LED Display
Built in display for easy trouble shooting and system information.

Twin Combinations
Outdoor unit sizes 36,42,48 & 55 can be installed with two indoor units for increased flexibility.

Remote Signal
Built-in ports for on/off control and fault indication.